How Much Is the Cost of Mesothelioma?


A mesothelioma diagnosis is devastating, and not just in one way. First, the revelation is no doubt shocking. No one is prepared to be diagnosed with it. Second, the cost of to treat the disease is expensive. In this article, we will talk about the cost of mesothelioma and factors that affect it.

The Cost of Mesothelioma
Treatments are the number one deciding factor. The treatment and care for mesothelioma patient can be very expensive. From diagnostic tests, various treatment options which can be lengthy, hospital stays to travel expenses. The cost can be overwhelming, even if health insurance is involved. Still, these expenses are necessary for the patient’s survival.

How Much Is the Exact Cost?
The exact cost of mesothelioma has not been studied as much as other types of cancer due to its rarity. That said, it is estimated by National Cancer Institute that the cost can reach around $60,000 for the first year of treatment, around $8,000 for each year after and $92,000 for the last year of life.
Do remember that this number is an estimation. The total cost will be different from one patient to another, which is affected by factors such as stage of cancer, treatments and insurance coverage. Travel expense is included as one of the factors. This is because mesothelioma is rare. There are not many mesothelioma experts, which mean traveling may be necessary.

As you can see, the cost of mesothelioma is expensive. Luckily, there are financial supports that may help mesothelioma patients. One of them is legal claims. Legal claims can be filed by those who have been exposed to asbestos when they are working as well as military personnel. If you are one of these and wanting to file a case, be sure to get the best mesothelioma lawyer. It is not a 100% guarantee you will get compensation, but your chance is likely to be higher.

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